We are about giving the players the proper tools to play an exciting sport and be safe.

The sport of rugby is fast growing in the our country. Unfortunately, a great many of our youth players, both girls and boys, do not know much of the sport.

We want to see the game of rugby grow, but most important, see the rugby players of tomorrow trained the proper way. Safety is vitally important. 

Rugby is a physical game and also a game of wits.

In every sport there is the possibility of injuries. Training the rugby player with the proper fundamental and technique is important and crucial.

As in any sport, the chance of injury is always possible.

We understand every person learns in a different way. Some are more visual, some are instructional, and some have both. We are about the rugby player and their learning and advancement in rugby. 


We take the time to teach each rugby player how to play the game correctly.

We take the time to explain the basic fundamentals of the game and see that our participants execute it with confidence.

We take the time to break down the game for new players, so they understand why they are being trained to do what they are doing.

We believe in the World Rugby term LTPD - Long Term Player Developement.

We want to train rugby players to reach their maximum potential in rugby. To develop the players advanced technical, tacticle, physical, and mental capabilities. Most of all, to be a character respected by their peers, families and communities.

With the right attitude, the right coaching and training, they can reach their top rugby potentials.

Playing Experince
Coaching Experience
Parent experience
I have experienced the game of rugby since the age of 12. Played many social rugby games as a young youth.

In High School/ College at the age of 16 on.  I began my journey playing organized rugby, playing 1st fifteen #8, flanker #7 and center #13.  

I also played prop #1 for my college 7's team. I continued to play organized village leagues and district rugby 15's
and 7's, and district all stars as well in the Samoan Islands.

I was fortunate to play oversees interservice games while serving in Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong and Japan. 

I am blessed to have played rugby for 20 years, a sport I have great compassion for. It has done great things for my life. Doing RUGBY DISCIPLINE is giving back to the sport that has done great things for me. 

I have coached rugby for over 20 year with every age group. From as young as U8 to coaching adult men teams.

My coaching experience did not just teach me about sports, but most important about life itself. Being a person that would influence a young man or woman in pushing not just to be better at the sport they play. But, to utilize the last fuel in themselves to make a difference.

I have coached not just rugby but youth and High School football, softball, volleyball and life itself.

Coaching an athlete to be their best, pushing them to the thin line of their breaking point, emphasis confidence in their potentials see them perform at their best, when all others would stop.    

As a coach, the greatest reward  is to see the achievement of those under your tutorship being their best and succeed and whatever they face in life.

Coaching is not just about sports, but it is greater mentoring young people to be great people in their families, communities and an all around person to be pround of.   
I am also a parent with children who are very active in sports. Two daughters who played basketball, volleyball, softball, soccer, swimming, dancing and gymnastics.

Two boys, in football, rugby, basketball, swimming, baseball and martial arts.

With our kids in so many sports, you must ask yourself how we could afford all this?

We did not, our kids did go to some camps and we did pay for personal training. But, it was spending time coaching our kids. Spending time after work, spending time on weekends, spending time seeking to better their shot at basektball or pitching in sofball or serving in volleyball.

As parents, we know the cost to get your child to a sports camp or clinic can be costly. We want the best for our children with the least amount in cost.

At RUGBY DISCIPLINE, we will work with you and we completely understand, we too are parents.